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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good afternoon, i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get right to our breaking news. traffic is being redirected on northbound highway 17 in santa cruz after a deadly accident
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officials are using one southbound lane to accommodate cars in both directions. kpix 5's keit do is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: we have some live pictures from chopper 5 that show the nightmare backup out here on highway 17. but finally, four hours after this crash, some relief as the chp has opened up one of the southbound lanes for northbound traffic. that means some of the folks who were trying to get to work early this morning might make it. the crash scene was tragic. we got an up-close look. it was 10 vehicles over the eighth of a mile of twisted metal. >> it's a horrific graphic scene. it looks like a war zone. >> reporter: the chp says the driver of a big rig pulling a double load of sand lost control while going northbound on highway 17 this morning. it caused a chain reaction crash, jumped the guardrail and ended up in a fronttage road.
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one person died, another was seriously injured and as many as 8 more went to the hospital with unknown injuries. three of the vehicles were damaged so badly, they trapped the people inside. this man was one of the lucky ones. his pickup was struck, spun around, but he walked away. were you in front of it, behind it? what happened? [ pause ] >> a sand truck piled into us, plain and simple. and you could see he hit a few other people, too,. >> reporter: it's not clear why the driver lost control but he was visibly shaken and didn't want to talk on camera. he stayed on scene to cooperate with investigators. the crash blocked both lanes of northbound 17 at the height of the morning commute where at one point it stretched nearly halfway back to santa cruz. passengers tried to get to work, got out of their cars and walked half a mile past the accident scene. >> you can actually walk around the accident. you leave someone in the car and you wanted to get picked up from black road, you can have, you know, the rest of your party essentially walk around the accident and get a carpool or lift from the next exit.
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>> reporter: and so the backup stretches two to three miles back towards the summited. another six miles back towards 280. if you can avoid this area and delay your travel plans, do so if you can. live in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the california highway patrol estimates the earliest all lanes of the highway will be open is 2:30. happening right now in san jose, hundreds of people are out protesting the city's plan to shut down pot clubs. new regulations require dispensaries to grow their own marijuana and make all their own edibles. under those rules, activists say as many as 70 clubs could be closed down. protestors at the city hall this afternoon are trying to get enough signatures to put a referendum on the november ballot to reverse the new rule. new at noon, homeless people in berkeley have until next tuesday to leave an encampment under i-80. that's the deadline the city gave group of 2 dozen people. the camp grew after the city of
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albany cleared out a nearby encampment in may. berkeley calls this a public nuisance. they are offering the homeless other city services but people who live here would prefer to stay. >> where are we going to go? it's scary. there's only so many places you can rest your head. >> the city hasn't said how it plans to enforce the nuisance declaration after tuesday's deadline. antioch has a new plan to try to stop an increase in crime. 16 people have been shot over the past two weeks. the antioch police chief is now launching a crime suppression operation. the plan will be to send officers into high crime areas. people living in the neighborhoods hopes the violence will stop. they describe the sounds of gunfire they have been hearing. >> like, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop like that. and you hear the police sirens and helicopters and just pray that ain't nobody seriously hurt around here. >> the antioch police chief wrote that many of the shootings are happening in the sycamore drive area. the investigators think it may
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be related to gangs and drugs. developing news, three children and four adults were killed in a three alarm apartment fire overnight. it happened in lowell, massachusetts. people on the top floor had to take extreme measures just to get out. >> the first thing i saw was a little girl dangling from the window and she was screaming help, help! and she was dropped to save her life. >> firefighters found five victims together in a corner of the third floor apartment. two others were found in another unit. at least 10 people were able to escape. some neighbors say they heard fireworks or small explosions before the fire started but investigators have yet to determine the cause. a 15-year-old girl allegedly shot by her father is in critical condition this afternoon. the gunman shot and killed 6 people yesterday near houston. four of them were children. the shooter's injured daughter was able to call 911. she warned police he was headed to kill her grandparents. officers arrested the suspect
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after a three-hour standoff. the man was distraught over a recent breakup. an oakland girl who disappeared a year ago will be remembered at a candlelight prayer vigil tonight. daphne webb's father reported that she was taken from his car while he was in a store on 79th avenue last july. john webb was arrested for child endangerment after the girl's disappearance. but prosecutors declined to file charges. he killed himself earlier this year. the vigil will be at 6:00 at 79th street and international boulevard. the elderly man accused of shooting at his doctor at a daly city hospital is not competent to stand trial. that's what his lawyer told the judge today. 84-year-old raymond iwase in court tried to kill his doctor in april. he was angry because of ineffective pain pills. the court will appoint two doctors to see if he is competent. it's seen as a last-minute evident to save an elderly care
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facility in san francisco. a committee is holding a hearing now listening to public comments from people who want to save the university mound ladies home around for 130 years. but it's losing money. it will be sold to a private school at the end of the month. more than 25 residents will be displaced. the fatal shooting of a teen carry a replica gun will be the focus of a forum. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot by a deputy last october. this week district attorney joe ravage decided not to pursue criminal charges against the deputy saying he acted within the law. protestors have expressed outrage. the forum will be at the santa rosa veterans memorial building. sonoma county fire agencies are starting to use money from the graton resort and casino. it will build a fire station near the casino. a separate deal has the casino
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providing a million dollars a year for other fire agencies. some will help re-open closed fire stations and buy new fire equipment. we are just days away from the world cup finals and with that emeritus pope from one country and the current pope from the other country, the game is stirring up some holy rivalry. >> recreational marijuana may be legal in the state of washington but that doesn't mean it's without repercussions. how one smoker learned his lesson the hard way. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. we are live in pleasant hill. we are with the cub scouts. they are doing arts and craft, science and today we're doing some weather. we'll talk about that coming up. ly been two days since recreational na became legal in the state of washington... and one man s,
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it's it's only been two days since recreational marijuana became legal in the state of washington and one man says it's already cost him his job. mike boyer was seen on tv and in newspapers after claiming that he was the first to legally buy pot in spokane. he says two of his three part time employers ordered him then to take a drug test. then he says he was fired by a security company. >> this is something we are going to have to figure out with all this legalization, where's going to be the gray line. >> he drew attention to himself by emerging from the pot shop and shouting, go, washington! to a cheering crowd. then he went home and smoked the pot with some friends. [ laughter ] >> okay. if you want to see the winner of the world cup crowned, it is going to cost you. >> yes. right now, tickets are running between five and twenty thousand dollars. i know. it's a lot. face value tickets are up from $400 to $900.
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germany will take on argentina sunday in the world cup title game. the matchup pits the home nations of the current pope and his predecessor against each other. some catholics wonder who should they root for. will they back germany the native company of pope benedict xvi or argentina the home nation of pope francis? pope francis recently said he would not pray for an argentina victory. world cup is trending. >> also trending now, emmy nominations. game of thrones earned the most nominations of any series followed by fargo and american horror story. by the way, hbo picked up 99 emmy nominations. the running of the bulls, panic ensued when a lone bull raced ahead of the pack. two more people are hurt in today's event in pamplona, spain. >> waterslide, the tallest slide in the world opened today in kansas city. the 17 story verruckt is taller than niagra falls. it goes 65 miles per hour. verruckt is german for insane.
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you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. >> looks fun, though, right? i would try it. >> i would, too. i love those things. it's a beautiful day out and meteorologist lawrence karnow is getting ready to enjoy the sun. >> hanging out in the mobile weather lab at pleasant hill learning a thing or two from some boy scouts. >> reporter: we have boy scouts and cub scouts enjoying a week of fun activities and really you couldn't ask for much better weather. i want to introduce to one of the boy scouts. he is helping with the camp here. what's your name here? >> curtis. >> reporter: you have been learning about tying knots. what have you been teaching, too? >> i have been actually helping. i have been helping them go through the week, have fun and all that. >> reporter: they seem like they're a very good happy group. show us what you're tying right now. >> i'm going to tie a square knot. it's basically start with an s, uhm, right over left and -- back over right. >> reporter: i think that's one of the few knots i remember from way back when, when i was
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in boy scouts a long time ago. >> if you do that, it should look like that. >> reporter: nice and secure, right? nice and tight. >> it's a regular knot. is it working in you can use this knot. >> reporter: i look that one. that's a good one to go to. i want to introduce you to this young boy. what's your the name? >> andrew luck. >> reporter: andrew, are you having a good time at camp this year? >> yes. >> reporter: that's great. you wanted to talk about the weather with us. what do you see for temperature here? >> 72.1 fahrenheit. >> reporter: and what about the wind? >> wind speed are 8.6 miles per hour. >> reporter: so just a nice breeze out here today and really some comfortable weather out here in pleasant hill. and around the bay area, of course, we started out with a lot of low clouds and fog this morning. but the skies clearing out pretty nicely now except to the coastline, still some patchy fog there. generally 60s and 70s around the bay as we speak. looks like high pressure starting to weaken just a little bit. that's helped the temperatures cool off slightly today. we'll see more fog on the way
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for tomorrow. still, temperatures this afternoon, lots of 70s into the south bay. maybe creeping up into the 80s toward morgan hill and gilroy. in the east bay a mixed bag of 70s and a couple of 80s there. and as you get inside the bay, you will see that sea breeze kicking in and that will keep those temperatures down generally in the 60s in san francisco. your sunset time tonight, 8:33. looks like tomorrow, we are off and running with some patchy fog early on then lots of sunshine in the afternoon. and guys, it is going to be warming up this weekend. have you guys had a great time at camp? >> yeah! >> all right! >> reporter: i have had a great time visiting you. back to you guys. >> whoo! >> looks like fun. >> i learned how to tie a square knot in b scouts, as well. how about you? >> i wasn't a boy scout. >> thanks, lawrence. still ahead, these are not your typical slides and swings. this unique playground is a labor of love. how a bay area mother is working to make sure every kid gets to play. >> and we want to invite all of
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you pet lovers, send us your questions about the health and well-being of your pet. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our expert give you an answer every friday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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under the americans with disabilities act most playgrounds today are wheelchair accessible but for many children with special needs that's not enough. as kate kelly reports, this
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week's jefferson award goes to a peninsula mom who spent years making playgrounds truly inclusive. place. 56 clip/ 45:34 quickly found was >> reporter: when olenka villarreal would take her two daughters to the park in palo alto, it used to be an exercise in frustration. daughter ava has special needs and parks were not a welcoming place. >> what i quickly found was that the playgrounds didn't have a swing where she could actually be supported. >> reporter: even climbing structures had dangerously wide openings, staircases too narrow for mom to climb alongside and slides not wide enough for two. between the tan bark and curbs, the playground wasn't much fun. >> that's when sort of the epiphany hit me. there's ava and there's other kids like ava. >> reporter: of the 34 parks in palo alto, olenka couldn't find one that's truly accessible for her daughters so she set out to literally level the playing field. >> let's do it, yeah! >> reporter: after five years of hard work and $3 million raised, she is breaking ground on the magical bridge
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playground. >> we're going to build a park and that's going to be like fairy dust. it's going to make a magical park. >> reporter: located on donated land in a corner of mitchell park, magical bridge playground will have a swinging and sway zone featuring supportive bucket seats, an interactive light and sound sculpture created with autistic children in mind, three specially designed slides and a spinning zone where those wheelchairs can go along for the ride. >> you're going to love it. i'm happy that you were here. >> thank you for making this happen. you're awesome. i can't wait to swing. >> i am really excited to be up in the trees again with my boys. >> reporter: while she didn't set out to tackle a five-year project, olenka says she has been inspired by the wonderful people she has met and hopes this park will be replicated nationwide. >> i'm not a playground designer, and i am not a playground expert. but with the help of so many in the community, we had an idea, we took it to the great city.
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they listened, they supported us and we made it happen. >> reporter: so for creating a truly includive park for children of all ages in her community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to olenka villarreal. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> olenka has nothing but praise for the generous donors who made the playground possible but still needs to raise $300,000 to complete the project by the fall. if you would like to contribute, find a link to magical bridge on there's also a nomination form so you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award. that selection committee meets again next week. >> if you have a consumer problem, call our hotline at at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nd final game i would say at 12:25, in 20 minutes the giants and a's go at it again at the at&t park. it's the fourth and final game for the battle of the series of the regular season and roberta gonzales is there with the mobile weather lab. roberta, how's it looking? >> reporter: yes, everybody, we are here just directly across from mccovey cove. it is an amazing july 10 game here in the bay area. lots of clear skies, a slight breeze and we have fans from all over the place. first of all, if you can look out here at the cove, who is a giants fan? >> giants! whoo! >> reporter: where are my a's fans? >> whoo! >> reporter: where else in america can you see something like that? i got to tell you i have been an american league fan all my life so therefore i have my a's
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jersey but i'm a san francisco bay area fan. so i have my giants shirt on. who are you rooting for today? what's your name? >> i'm rooting for the giants. my name is jake. i'm from alameda. >> reporter: why are you such a giants fan? >> uhm, my whole family has been giants fans all our lives, even my grandma. >> reporter: who is your grand play's favorite player? >> buster posey. >> reporter: all right. and you? your name is? >> ryan kennedy. >> reporter: where are you from? >> alameda. >> reporter: obviously you are oakland a's fan? >> yeah. got to represent the best team in the country. [ laughter ] who is your favorite player? >> cespedes. >> reporter: did you see that throw from left field the other day? >> both of them against the angels. >> reporter: two days in a row, right? so this is a story of two sports teams. our san francisco giants, our oakland a's, and the fans come out in droves. in fact, the first couple games were in oakland at stadium, 36,000 people turned out in force and then the series sold out here yesterday at 41,000 people. today game time 12:45, another 41,000 people are expected to
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be here. if you are one of them, you're a little late but the forecast calls for sunshine and a temperature at 70 degrees. more information on sports and weather visit us online at reporting from mccovey cove, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 5:00, a new twist in the case of the prostitute accused in the heroin death of a google exec. the death she is now being linked to in another state. >> see you at 5:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> katie: it'll come back. you're a brilliant designer. your gift is not lost. no matter it takes, you will design again. >> hope: hi.
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